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Kyle Paterson Executive Headshot
Kyle Paterson

When Kyle first discovered a passion for entrepreneurship mid-way through college he knew he couldn't stop. From successfully starting an e-commerce brand of lighting products, less successfully starting a network for job shadowing opportunities, and building out the sales process at hundreds of companies to produce over $110 million in revenue by the age of 26, he has had extensive experience driving growth regardless of industry.

With the advent of AI, Kyle saw just how much every industry will be turned upside down and how job security will likely be a fever dream for many. One thing Kyle realized AI can't replace however is you and your audience.

A personal brand is the only thing ONLY YOU can bring to the world, no one else can bring your insights, personality, and unique touch to the marketplace. That's why Enspire Brands exists.

By having a personal brand you'll never have to worry about work again. A personal brand is your ultimate lead generation strategy, defensibility in the marketplace, and mark on this planet.

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