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What is Enspire?

Enspire is a New York City based team of personal branding experts! We work directly with executives, founders, and those looking to build an audience so they can increase their personal income, add and additional marketing avenue for their company, and give the world their knowledge!

Most of what we do is in handling the social media content creation via 1-on-1 interview-style video production. We also partner with you to come up with a strategy that has been proven to work and creates the online persona you want to embody.

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Why Personal Branding?

Today's marketing landscape looks very different than it did even just a few years ago. Buyers and employers are far more likely to make a decision with a person they know and trust than with a stranger on the internet. They are also far more likely to engage with an individual rather than a business on social media.

We live in an attention economy, where if you have people interested in the things you say, you hold significant economic value.


Having a personal brand is an asset that not only increases the demand and price companies are willing to paid to engage with you but is your ultimate defensibility in the marketplace.

Artificial intelligence is going to dismantle a lot of industries but it can't replace an audience that loves and follows you.

By having a personal brand you become an authority figure within your industry, allowing for more fantastic paid engagements to come your pay.

Benefits to you AND your company

Through developing your personal brand more people connect with you while more eyes come to the businesses you work in.

Today, people connect much more with other people on the internet than they do

with even their most beloved brands. That's why personal branding has become the newest and most effective marketing method that can be utilized for sales and recruiting benefits for the companies you work in.

Michael Jordan never worked for Nike but his personal brand has developed into billions in revenue.

Recruiting becomes much easier when people can get a look into the culture from someone's perspective in the company, you'll naturally attract those that would fit well into the culture. 

Sales increase because people become aware of your company's offerings through the vitality of your personal content. 

This is why we often see companies fund our services rather than the individual.

What it looks like to work with us

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The time commitment on your end is between 2-5 hours per month. Depending on the volume of content you wish to produce we'll meet either once a month or biweekly to gather all the raw footage we need, talk strategy, and get approval on future content.

Our recurring meetings are typically in the form of an interview style sit down session. Either in your place of work, or one of our third party locations within Manhattan.


During these sessions we are looking to gather enough video footage for 8-30 pieces of short form content. This content is usually in the form of advice you can give, personal experiences, stories, insight, technical knowledge, advice you've received in your career, general guidance, and so much more.

Once we've gathered all necessary footage, we'll transform it into content for the upcoming month, delivering it to you a week prior to the start of the next month for your review and approval.

All text based content on Linkedin and X will be either pulled from our captured video footage or conveyed through ongoing voice memos to our team. Our skilled team will then expertly craft your ideas into engaging written content.

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