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Social Media Posting, Management, and Strategy

Social Media is a must when it comes to growing your personal brand! It is both a quantity and quality game, through working with Enspire you get both!

With considerations around the image you wish to portray, your ideal target audience, and social media trends we'll carefully craft short form video and text based content that aims to either entertain or educate your audience in the most captivating way.

Our primary focus is on short form content. The style in which you wish to be portrayed varies based on personal preference, trends in audience preferences, and what actually produces results.

There are many different styles in which one can portray themselves. Below are a few examples of what works well.

Alex Hormozi Style
Personal Branding guru

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and private equity investor that has amassed over 7.8 million followers in just a few years. His brand style consists of highly edited clips from podcasts or talking directly to the camera with advice.

Content Style:

  • Lots of popping captions

  • Quick on-screen graphics

  • Advice oriented

  • Clips of talking to the camera and from speaking engagements

Marie Forleo Style

Marie Forleo is a prominent business coach. She has worked with some of the biggest names in business like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. Her content style is a mix of still images, quotes, raw talking videos, and standard edited talking videos 

Content Style:

  • More raw camera footage

  • More still images + quotes

Influential women in business
Gary Vee Style
Gary Vaynerchuck thinking big

Gary Vee is one of the top names in social media marketing. His brand, like everyone's, has evolved over time. He styles himself with a mix of giving his advice directly to people, live streams of him working during the day, clips of his speaking engagements, and so much more. His content is very diversified and predominately focuses on emphasizing personality traits that a wide audience can attach themselves to.

Content Style:

  • Some raw footage, some highly edited

  • Many different forms, from haggling at yard sales to clips of him on stage in front of thousands of people, to conversations with fans.

  • Diversified both on long form and short form.

Commitment on your end

We manage everything from posting, editing, scripting, copywriting, and commenting! Depending on the package you choose the only time commitment on your end will be monthly or bi-weekly meetings to gather raw footage, talk strategy, and talk about you and your experience in general so we can gather information and video to build content off of for the month.

You can expect a total time commitment to be 2-4 hours per month plus on going communication throughout the month.

Interview Style content creation
Podcast Bookings

We'll reach out on your behalf to land you as a podcast guest. Podcasts are a great way to gather raw video content and get your name out there! Depending on your package we can land you on 1-5 podcast spots per month.

Personal Website

We'll build and maintain a website that displays all of your experience. A personal website gives your audience a place where for them to learn more about you and find ways to work with you.

We'll design a sleek 3 page website with a home/landing page, a page on your experiences, and a page for people to request to work with you.

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